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New farming buzz: wild bees

Published on August 28, 2003

From the August 28, 2003 edition – By Robin White | Special to The Christian Science Monitor DAVIS, CALIF. – Each year for as long as he can remember, Rick Rominger and his father before him have rented honeybees to pollinate the crops on their sunbaked farm near Davis, Calif. When the days get Read more …

Save the bugs! Oregon society works to save the creepy crawlies

Published on August 15, 2003

ANDREW KRAMER, Associated Press Writer Friday, August 15, 2003 ©2003 Associated Press San Francisco Chronicle PORTLAND, Ore. — Scott Hoffman Black founded a rain forest action group in college in the 1980s, fought to return wolves to Idaho in the 1990s and saved an old-growth forest in California in 2000. Now he’s turned his attention Read more …

Butterflies … a ‘new’ attraction

Published on August 9, 2003

Some gardeners have ripped out plants they like and replaced them with plants that these delicate insects need. Emily Green Los Angeles Times (also in the Bremerton Washington Sun and the Hartford CT Courant) August 9, 2003 LOS ANGELES — Summer begins with the appearance of the butterflies. The weather warms and suddenly there they Read more …