Build It and They Will Come

Audubon Magazine
May 16, 2007
Here are some resources to help you create a bee garden of your own.
By Susan Tweit

Gordon Frankie’s Urban Bee Garden
Descriptions of bee-friendly plants with photos (best for California but helpful elsewhere), how to provide nesting habitat, why bees are important, and how to observe bees and bee behavior.

The Xerces Society
Information about native bees and their needs, gardening for bees, plus downloadable fact sheets on nesting habitat, plants for bees, and other topics.

Audubon At Home
Find out about solitary bees and how to provide habitat for native bees in yards and gardens.

U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service
Details on gardening for native bees throughout North America. Links to articles on identifying bees, building nesting blocks, and differentiating bees from other insects.

National Pollinator Week, June 24–30, 2007
Featuring major celebrations in Washington, D.C. To learn more, visit, sponsored by the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign and the Coevolution Institute.

The North American Pollinator Protection Campaign
Also offers information on Pollinator Week and focuses on preserving North American pollinator species.

What’s Buzzin’ in My Garden?
A short but useful visual guide to bees and beelike insects.

Catch the Buzz—Build a Bee Box
A do-it-yourself project by Kris Wetherbee, Audubon (January-February 2006)