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Why Nature Needs Its Native Bees

Published on June 27, 2008

By Divya Abhat

Wildlife professionals know well that when habitat degrades, wildlife suffers. New research on the critical role of healthy habitat is suggesting that wildlife managers spend time examining some of the smallest members of the wildlife brood.

June 19, 2008

Published on June 19, 2008

I had to laugh when I read my rather lame Alaska posting. From the way I repeated myself and my description of the all-night sunshine, readers may have guessed that I was extremely short of sleep! Anyway, that’s my excuse. I even managed to omit the name of that “lepidopterist extraordinaire,” who was in fact Dr. Kenelm W. Philip, Senior Research Associate with the Institute of Arctic Biology…

June 15, 2008

Published on June 15, 2008

Between New Jersey and the North Slope, a quick trip to Southern California for a faculty committee meeting. I took advantage of the flight to seek some extreme endemics in San Diego County and back on Catalina Island again…

We need to be busy like bees to help save them

Published on June 5, 2008

By Senator Barbara Boxer, published in The Modesto Bee

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, however, between 15 percent and 30 percent of the food we eat in the United States depends on honeybees for pollination. Without bees, avocados, strawberries and almonds are just a few of the California crops that would suffer. Not only would yields be reduced, but so would the jobs that go with them.

June 2, 2008

Published on June 2, 2008

Following a ceremonial visit to New Haven, Conn., I’d hoped to seek the storied Early Hairstreak (Erora laeta) in upper New England’s old beech woods. But the season was retarded, and the forecast foreboding, and the best site closed…

Restoring Rare Beauties

Published on June 1, 2008

By Heather Millar, National Wildlife Magazine

From coast to coast, dozens of U.S. butterflies are in trouble, inspiring a host of efforts to protect the beloved insects.

Do Endangered Species Have a Chance?

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The House Natural Resources Committee holds a hearing this Wednesday on the politicization of the Endangered Species Act entitled The Danger of Deception: Do Endangered Species Have a Chance? The hearing features the testimony of activists and scientists who continue to experience obstacles to obtaining science-based protections for endangered species.