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August 14, 2008

Published on August 14, 2008

Now comes the hard crunch-time when summer runs down and many northern near, or pass, their flight periods. If I don’t see them soon, I won’t see them at all this year…

Signs of Decline: First Honeybees, now Bumblebees

Published on August 7, 2008

By Adrian Higgins, The Washington Post

The honeybees seem to be bucking the trend and thriving for the moment, at least in my garden. So I have stopped watching them at work and turned my attention to the native bees.

August 7, 2008

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After Alturas, I made time south to Mono Lake. Then, on a clear morning, up to Tioga Pass on the edge of Yosemite. There I finally encountered a life long dream: the small green Behr’s sulphur, whose first collector was said to have been killed by the Indians…

The Wandering Lepidopterist

Published on August 4, 2008

By Eric Wagner, High Country News

It’s a sadly typical spring day in Seattle, all scudding clouds and spitting rain even though the forecast promised sun. On top of that, Dr. Robert Michael Pyle has some bad news. “Marsha won’t be joining us,” he says. I’m sorry to hear it. Marsha has been at Pyle’s side for more than 30 years, and sometimes he refers to her as his second wife. I’d looked forward to meeting her, but it appears that I’ll have to wait. Why? “She’s a little torn up,” Pyle says.