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New report finds that bumble bees have undergone dramatic declines

Published on December 17, 2008

An extensive review of bumble bee studies and surveys from across the U.S. show that three formerly common bumble bee species are experiencing steep declines. The report compiled information from more than three dozen scientists and citizen monitors and found that populations of the rusty-patched, yellowbanded and western bumble bee have all sharply dropped in the last decade.

December 12, 2008

Published on December 16, 2008

Once back in South Texas for the third immersion in the tropical winter fauna, I returned to the galaxy of gardens and preserves populated by Tex-Mex butterflies and their many human devotees…

November 29, 2008

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From Zapata down to Brownsville and around to South Padre, nowhere in the US approaches the diversity and abundance of butterflies in the Valley…

Island Marble one of top ten wildlife, fish and plants in need of Endangered Species Act Protection

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A new report details how the island marble butterfly is languishing without protection even though it may be on the brink of extinction. The new report lists the island marble as one of ten species that have been named the most in-need of protection under the Endangered Species Act. With a population of less than 2,000 individuals and multiple threats to its survival the island marble is one of the most imperiled butterflies in the U.S.

November 19, 2008

Published on December 2, 2008

Since my short trips to Florida and North Carolina, I’ve been back in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, reveling among the many tropical and subtropical butterflies that can be seen nowhere else in the U.S. Mostly its a matter of going from one world birding center to another…