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Better Bees: Super Bee and Wild Bee

Published on January 27, 2009


California farmers depend on bees to pollinate the state’s multi-million dollar fruit and nut crops, but last season thousands of bee colonies disappeared around the country. Meet two Northern California researchers looking for ways to make sure we always have bees to pollinate our crops.

Postscript to the Butterfly Big Year Blogs: Not Far Tortuga, But Close

Published on January 12, 2009

The trip is finished, and so are the blogs, but I wanted to provide a brief coda to bring it all back home. As you know, the Orion and Xerces blogs have carried different, complementary content all along, But for this little epilog, I’ve decided to send a single note to both sources, and to do it with electrons via Thea’s computer. Forgive me for not mailing any doodads or tree trunks or trash bits from the road this time…

December 26, 2008

Published on January 7, 2009

Aloha, indeed! Thea and I have just returned from Hawaii, the penultimate stop on the Butterfly-a-thon express, or milk train, or tramp steamer…Once we’d skipped from Oahu over to Kauai, we lodged first at this simple and seductive country retreat, run by the 7th Day Adventists.