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Project to impact native pollinators

Published on October 12, 2010

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Fruits and nuts are high value crops in the Mid-Atlantic states worth over $300 million and are being heavily impacted by honey bee shortages for pollination.

Rare bumblebees make comeback in Kent and Sussex

Published on October 7, 2010

BBC News England

England’s five rarest bumblebees have made a comeback in parts of Kent and Sussex, conservationists have said.

The five threatened species have spread their geographic range as a result of environmental schemes in Dungeness and Romney Marsh.

The Plight of the Bees

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By Marla Spivak, Eric Mader, Mace Vaughan, and Ed Euliss Jr in Environmental Science and Technology

Some environmental issues polarize people, producing weary
political stalemates of indecision and inaction. Others,
however, grab hold of our most primeval instincts, causing
us to reach deeply into our memories of childhood, and our
first direct experiences with nature: the bumble bee nest we
poked at with a stick; the man at the county fair with the bee
beard. Those memories expand backward in time to our
barefoot ancestors who climbed trees and robbed honey.
They help define the human experience and provide context
to our own place in the world.