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Protection Sought for Rare Stonefly Found Only in Glacier National Park: Aquatic insect reliant on glacial meltwater will likely disappear when the glaciers do

Published on December 30, 2010

By: New West Staff, New West

Extinction and danger to animals that rely on the existence of Glaciers in Glacier National Park could start with a tiny and rare insect, the western glacier stonefly, which is known to live only in five small streams west of the Continental Divide in the park.

Flower sharing may be unsafe for bees

Published on December 24, 2010

By: Susan Milius, ScienceNews

Eleven species of wild pollinators in the United States have turned up carrying some of the viruses known to menace domestic honeybees, possibly picked up via flower pollen.

Lawsuit to target tiger beetle habitat

Published on December 15, 2010

By: Algis J. Laukaitis, JournalStar

Three conservation groups on Thursday announced plans to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for not protecting enough critical habitat to save the endangered Salt Creek tiger beetle.

Saving the Fender’s blue butterfly

Published on December 10, 2010

By: Hannah Hoffman, Yamhill News Register

For such an obscure and benign bug, the Fender’s blue butterfly has gained an awful lot of attention lately from governmental, private and nonprofit parties. And all that attention has begun to pay off, as its habitat has become the subject of a concerted local protective effort.

Majestic monarch butterflies face population crisis

Published on December 9, 2010

By: Daniel Terdiman, CNET News

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.–When I lived in this beach town on the central California coast in the early 1990s, I loved visiting a stunning local state park where each winter you could find more than 120,000 monarch butterflies swarming, clustering, and flying everywhere you looked.