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Dear Friends,

We live in uncertain and troubled times. The pandemic, social and racial injustice, and climate change-induced storms and fires fill our news feeds and affect our communities. Even with all of these problems confronting us (and because of them) one thing is clear—we must work together to protect and restore biodiverse habitats so that animals and plants can continue to thrive and survive.

Xerces’ work focuses on the core issues that will aid all species: ensuring there are intact habitats that conserve invertebrates and support all life up through the food chain—fish, birds, mammals as well as us humans. Climate-smart habitat management, restoration, and augmentation; pesticide use reductions; and other strategies to conserve invertebrates are vital practices that countries across the globe need to adopt and advance. If we can maintain and mend the fabric of the planet—plants and invertebrates—we can sustain all biodiversity. 

Xerces will continue our work because we know it is essential. We are making a difference, but we can only continue with your support.

Xerces has accomplished a great deal over the last year:

  • 350,000 acres of pollinator habitat created or restored on farms, which brings us to a total of 1.25 million acres over the last decade
  • Over 21,000 people were empowered to conserve invertebrates through our outreach and education programs.
  • 6 species of invertebrates have been protected under state and federal Endangered Species Acts as a result of our advocacy, a total of 19 species of invertebrates since 2000.
  • More than 11,000 freshwater mussels were relocated and saved in Pacific Northwest rivers and streams.
  • 780 volunteers contributed over 12,000 observations of bumble bees to Bumble Bee Atlases, which allows us to better protect and manage habitat for this important group of animals.
  • Over 800,000 people engaged in pollinator conservation projects and events thanks to the efforts of the more than 225 affiliates in our Bee City and Bee Campus USA program.

This work can only continue with your support. Will you do your part and help us continue this work? 

Whether you care about the environment generally or love pollinators, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, snails, or slugs in particular, we are here maximizing your dollars put into conservation. If you are interested in protecting habitat and ecosystems or love the idea of protecting species with names like the island marble butterfly, rusty patched bumble bee, western glacier stonefly, Carson wandering skipper, or the Salt Creek tiger beetle, our work makes a real difference. Whether you want to address biodiversity loss or help species adapt as the climate changes, our efforts address these needs.

All of the achievements above are possible because of your support. Thanks so much for standing with us as we look to the future and focus on solutions.


Scott Black, Director


P.S. All around us, species are in decline and habitat is disappearing. Our vision for the future is hopeful, but it depends on your participation. If you are able, please send in your tax-deductible year-end gift today to help protect the life that sustains this wild and beautiful planet.