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Fun with Harvester Butterflies, Part Two

Recently, photographer and Xerces Society member Bryan E. Reynolds earned a long-sought set of photos of the elusive harvester butterfly, North America’s only carnivorous butterfly.

Photo Essay: Trinational Monarch Meeting and Exploring Mexico’s Monarch Overwintering Sites

Xerces Society Endangered Species Conservation Biologist and Western Monarch Lead Emma Pelton recounts her recent experience in Mexico with this photo essay.

The Striking Beauty of Oklahoma’s Butterflies

Oklahoma’s impressive butterfly fauna of more than 170 species includes the nation’s largest and the smallest, and representatives of all six major butterfly families.

My First Hybrid: Limenitis archippus archippus × Limenitis arthemis astyanax

Photographer Bryan E. Reynolds encountered a rare hybrid of two of his favorite butterfly species—a well-deserved sighting for a passionate lepidopterist!

#PicturePerfectPollinator Photo Contest Winners

Thanks for all the entries to our Pollinator Week photo contest! You can review all the entries here.

Fun with Harvester Butterflies

Have you heard of the "very hungry caterpillar" that eats aphids?