Books – Pollinator Conservation Handbook

by The Xerces Society in association with The Bee Works

The Pollinator Conservation Handbook is a publication by the Xerces Society and the Bee Works. It is the first comprehensive book on the conservation of native bees, butterflies, and other native pollinator insects and is an indispensable resource for gardeners, farmers, and managers of parks, recreational areas, and wild lands. The Handbook guides the reader through the steps needed to create and enhance habitat for insect pollinators and contains information on selecting and planting forage flowers, providing nesting and egg-laying sites for bees, butterflies, and other insects, and caring for your pollinator habitat over time. The Handbook also contains an extensive, up-to-date resource section and ideas for educational activities.

Pollinators are an essential component of all environments. Without pollinators, at least 80 percent of our flowering plants could not reproduce. Despite their importance pollinators are declining in many areas as their habitat is converted to other land uses. The good news is that pollinators can survive, even thrive, in small patches of habitat and we can all contribute to their conservation by following the steps laid out in the Pollinator Conservation Handbook.

Beautifully produced, the Pollinator Conservation Handbook features the spectacular photography of Edward S. Ross, whose work frequently appears in our popular membership magazine, Wings. 145 pages; soft cover; 57 color photographs.

This book is currently out of print and no longer available. Please consider purchasing Attracting Native Pollinators instead.