Bumble Bee Conservation
This brochure contains information about how to enhance any landscape to help meet the seasonal needs of bumble bees. Download PDF.


Farming for Pollinators This brochure provides a summary of the habitat requirements of crop pollinators and where their habitat may be found in the area around a farm. Download PDF


Cultivando Para Los Polinizadores
This brochure is a Spanish translation of the brochure, Farming for Pollinators.  See description above. Download PDF 


Farming for Pest Management
This brochure illustrates how farmers can attract and retain helpful predators and parasites by providing some of the key resources that they require. Download PDF.


Protecting Bees from Neonicotinoids in Your Garden
Neonicotinoids are a group of insecticides that are used widely on farms, as well as around our homes, schools, and city landscapes. This brochure explains why they are a risk to bees, gives examples of neonicotinoid garden products, and gives some simple tips for protecting bees from these insecticides. Download PDF.

Project Integrated Crop Pollination
Project ICP partners are working to ensure the long term sustainability of specialty crop pollination. This brochure covers the grower needs, project objectives and tools, and expected outcomes of Project ICP. Download PDF.