Butterfly Monitoring

The Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count
The Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count is a yearly effort of volunteer citizen monitors to collect data on the status of monarch populations overwintering along the California coast. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of a cadre of volunteers, we have over a decade of data demonstrating that monarchs have undergone a dramatic decline in the western U.S. This effort is coordinated by Dennis Frey, Shawna Stevens and Mia Monroe, in collaboration with the Xerces Society.

Monarch Breeding and Milkweed Survey
The Xerces Society is collecting information on milkweed locations and monarch breeding observations throughout the west. If you have observations of milkweed or breeding monarchs, please fill out our online survey.

Southwest Monarch Study
The Southwest Monarch Study studies the migration patterns of monarch butterflies in Arizona. Their activities include tagging monarchs, monitoring milkweed populations, and searching for habitats that attract and support monarchs. People of all ages are welcome to participate. Southwest Monarch Study also provides educational programs to raise monarch awareness.

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

Journey North
This website provides information on tagging and monitoring monarch butterflies as they migrate in the eastern U.S.

The Vanessa Migration Project
This website allows for citizens to help monitor the migration of Painted lady butterflies.


Monarch Watch

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