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Lepidoptera Research and Conservation Awards

Joan Mosenthal DeWind was a pioneering member of the Xerces Society. A psychiatric social worker by profession, she was also an avid butterfly gardener and an accomplished amateur lepidopterist. Her contributions of time, organizational expertise, and financial support were essential to the growth and success of the Xerces Society over the past 30 years. Joan also had a keen interest in young people, supporting what became the Young Entomologists’ Society. In Joan’s memory, Bill DeWind established this student research endowment fund. The Xerces Society administers two $3,750 awards each year for research into Lepidoptera conservation.

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The Xerces Society is now accepting applications for two $3,750 awards for research into Lepidoptera conservation.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS The DeWind Awards are given to students who are engaged in research leading to a university degree related to Lepidoptera conservation and who intend to continue to work in this field. All proposals must be written by the student researcher. Proposed research should have a clear connection to Lepidoptera conservation and must be completed within one year from receiving funds. Applicants may be graduate or undergraduate students; however, please note that all but one awardee, to date, have been pursuing graduate research. Applications from countries outside the United States will be considered but must be written in English and international applicant work cannot involve work in the United States.

Submission Deadline for 2018 Awards

The submission deadline is Sunday, December 31, 2017, at 11:59 PM PDT. Award winners will be announced by March 31, 2018, with the awards given by May 2018.

Instructions for Submitting the Proposal

All proposals must be submitted by email to The proposal should be attached as a single file in PDF format. The subject line of the email should read “DeWind Award Proposal 2018.”

Proposal Format (all text should use 12 pt font and one inch margins)

1. Cover page (1 page)

a. Title. List the title in Bold.

b. Contact information. Provide the name and contact information for the applicant and their major advisor. Include institutional affiliations, complete mailing address, and country. Also provide an email address and telephone number (include country code if outside the United States).

c. Abstract. Include a project summary immediately following the title and contact information. The summary should be limited to 100 words and should not exceed one paragraph.

2. Proposal body (2 pages). Begin with a clear statement of the problem or objectives, follow with a clear methods section, and end with a substantial conclusion. The proposal should include a discussion of potential conservation applications and results, and what products, if any, will result from this work.

3. Additional information. On separate pages, please include all of the following information: cited literature, detailed project budget, project timeline, and a short (2 pages or less) CV. It is the goal of the DeWind Award that the funds be used for direct research-related expenses; overhead and/or administrative fees are considered ineligible.

4. Please include all of the materials as a single attachment. No other attachments or supporting materials should be included.

Download these instructions as a PDF: The Joan Mosenthal DeWind Award Announcement 2018


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Program Features
Program Highlights
  • • The Xerces Society has awarded two $3,750 Joan M. DeWind awards for research into lepidoptera conservation
  • Butterfly-a-thon pledges raise $30 per species that Bob Pyle observes for butterfly conservation work
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el segundo blue butterfly (Euphilotes bernardino allyni) by Larry Orsak