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In Memoriam: Marjorie Rachlin

“Sitting on the back porch with my breakfast tea, I can feel that the June day is warming up. Every morning I sit here on the porch and survey the deep green of the lawn, the flower beds edging it in a half-moon curve, the tall oaks a mass of shimmering green in the background. My domain.”

- "A Garden is a Lovesome Thing" Life in Bloom: The Art of Living Fully, Essays by Marjorie Rachlin

Marjorie Rachlin of Washington DC became fascinated with invertebrates while volunteering as an Invertebrate Exhibit Interpreter at the National Zoo, where she shared the amazing world of invertebrates with adults and children alike. She was a passionate gardener, birder, art collector and labor educator. At age ninety, Marjorie began a column, "Backyard Nature," for the local online neighborhood news.

Marjorie was a dedicated member of the Xerces Society since 2003, helping us grow and thrive into the organization we are today. In her passing, Marjorie left Xerces a legacy gift that will allow Xerces to continue to protect the animals that were so important to her. We thank Marjorie’s family for sharing with us a collection of photos and essays that celebrate Marjorie’s vibrant life, The Art of Living Fully*. We are grateful that Marjorie was a part of our community and we look forward to seeing through her incredible legacy.

*"Backyard Nature: Snug as a bug in an 'insect hotel'” originally appeared in Forest Hills Connection on 12/06/2018 and "Backyard Nature: Insects produce the backyard symphony of August" originally appeared in Forest Hills Connection on 08/20/2021

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