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Jennifer Geib of Charleston, West Virginia

Our current featured member is monthly donor Jennifer Geib of Charleston, West Virginia. Jennifer is a graphic designer, artist, gardener and herbalist. She teaches about planting for healthy living and creating gardens that provide food for all creatures great and small. She started planting for pollinators in 2005 on her 8th floor apartment balcony in Denver. With just 10 or so pots and a bird bath, she created a small garden which was visited by bees, butterflies and yes even birds! Jennifer’s current deck, which is a decked-over swimming pool, features over 200 pots filled with a variety of native perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables. Insects and birds flock to the deck which has become a vibrant ecosystem. Jennifer finds this work very rewarding and encourages everyone to create a container garden of some kind. Did you know you can even grow peonies in pots?
-         Thank you Jennifer for all that you do!

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