Native Bee Conservation Presentation

If you are interested in learning about native bees as crop pollinators, here is a presentation that you can download and watch.

Mace Vaughan, Conservation Director of the Xerces Society, gave a lecture on Native Bee Conservation 101 to the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) on May 10, 2007 via the internet. The presentation provides an overview of the importance, life history, and conservation of crop-pollinating native bees. Also included is information on some of the great things that the NRCS is doing for pollinator conservation in the U.S.

This video has been made available by the NRCS. Download this presentation (wmv file, 12.5 MB). 

If you view the talk or forward it on to others, you should be aware that this is a recording of the live event. The first few minutes contain lots of beeps and some random comments as participants came on-line for the meeting (also some directions about how the system worked, which are not relevant to anyone viewing this recording). The presentation is about an hour, with an additional fifteen minutes of questions at the end.