Report on the Status of Pollinators in North America

A report by the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council
Sponsored by the USDA/ARS and the USGS

On October 18, 2006, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released their report on the Status of Pollinators in North America. The report addresses pollinator declines, their causes and consequences, and makes recommendations on conservation or restoration steps that can be taken to slow or reverse decline.

Two summaries are provided by the NAS:

4-page summary in brief
23 page report summary

The Xerces Society has been working on the ground for the past seven years to aid in the conservation and restoration of habitat for pollinators. The NAS report highlights two of our publications as sources of information for taking action:

Pollinator Conservation Handbook
Farming for Bees
The NAS report also includes the Xerces Society Red List of Pollinator Insects as Appendix H.