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Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies reflects the latest understanding about creating and managing pollinator habitat. Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs and dozens of specially created illustrations, Attracting Native Pollinators is divided into the following four detailed sections:

  • Pollinators and Pollination explains the value of pollinators, and includes informative chapters on their natural history.
  • Taking Action provides comprehensive information on ways to help pollinators and on creating nest sites and safe foraging areas in all kinds of landscapes.
  • Bees of North America provides help with identifying the more abundant and important bee species.
  • Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Landscape shows how various kinds of land can be enhanced to support diverse pollinator populations.

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Pollinator Conservation: Three Simple Steps to Help Bees and Butterflies (Xerces Society: fact sheet)
This fact sheet provides an overview on the importance of pollinators and outlines three simple steps that you can do to help conserve bees and butterflies.

Protecting Nature’s Essential Service: The Xerces Society’s Pollinator Conservation Program (Xerces Society: fact sheet)
A summary of the Xerces Society’s Pollinator Conservation Program and key accomplishments within the program.

Pollinator Conservation in Minnesota and Wisconsin: A Regional Stakeholders Report (Xerces Society: conservation guidelines)
This report summarizes the findings of an August 2010 meeting of regional stakeholders (farm organizations, universities, nonprofit conservation organization, and state and federal agencies) held at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. It identifies the primary threats to the region’s pollinator and offers conservation recommendations.

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