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As a science-based organization, the Xerces Society produces dozens of publications annually, all of which employ the best available research to guide effective conservation efforts. Our publications range from guidelines for land managers, to brochures offering overviews of key concepts related to invertebrate conservation, from books about supporting pollinators in farmland, to region-specific plant lists. We hope that whatever you are seeking—whether it's guidance on making a home or community garden pollinator-friendly, advice on developing a local pesticide reduction strategy, or detailed information on restoring habitat—you will find it here!


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Assessment Form and Guide
Upgrading the EPA incident reporting system would be a relatively simple and low cost measure, with enormous benefits in our understanding of pesticide impacts on wildlife.
Recommendations for Land Managers

By Richard Hatfield, Sarina Jepsen, Mace Vaughan, Scott Black, and Eric Lee-Mäder.


The guide provides farmers with core biodiversity principles for agriculture, outlines practices for growers to maintain biodiversity on farms, provides tools to evaluate the progress of biodiversity conservation efforts and outlines strategies for planning, prioritizing and monitoring biodiversity conservation efforts.
This article from the Fall 2012 issue of Wings Magazine explores the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides in gardens.
Best Management Practices for Conserving the Monarch Butterfly and its Habitat
To help reverse the western monarchs’ downward population trend, we need to improve protection and management of the butterfly’s habitat across its range. These BMPs provide actionable, practical guidance that empowers western land managers to be part of the solution.
Best Management Practices for Protecting Native Western Freshwater Mussels During Aquatic and Riparian Restoration, Construction, and Land Management Projects and Activities
This publication draws from the expertise of members of the Pacific Northwest Native Freshwater Mussel Workgroup, western restoration practitioners, and aquatic biologists, and provides guidance and resources for a range of topics, from incorporating freshwater mussels into project planning, surveying for mussels, implementing best management practices, and performing salvages and relocations at restoration sites.
The Science Behind the Role These Insecticides Play in Harming Bees. 2nd Edition; Revised & Expanded
Now availaible as a revised and expanded second edition, our report examins the science behind the role these insecticides play in harming bees.
This report provides an assessment of overwintering sites of western populations of the monarch butterfly in California. From data collected at over 400 sites, the report summarizes existing overwintering trends and identifies the highest priority sites for active management and protection.
Literature Review
This technical literature review, produced for the Federal Highway Administration with ICF International, includes a thorough treatment on the status of pollinators, causes of decline, potential mitigation efforts, habitat restoration and management for pollinators, and applications to roadsides.
This report aims to inform government agencies charged with biodiversity protection, as well as conservation organizations and the public in general about the threats to and current conservation status of this much-loved, iconic insect.