IUCN North American Bumble Bee Conservation Planning Workshop

Hosted by the Saint Louis Zoo, 9-12 November 2010


North American Bumble Bee Species Conservation Strategy Workshop


Introduction to Workshop Process and Agenda – Onnie Byers (IUCN Conservation Breeding Specialist Group)

Status of North American Pollinator Decline – Sydney Cameron (University of Illinois)

Assessing population trajectories with historic data and surveys using Bombus occidentalis as a model – James Strange (USDA-ARS Bee Lab)

Determining conservation status and ecological requirements for native bumblebees – Sheila Colla (York University, Canada)

The Plight of Franklin’s Bumble Bee – Robbin Thorp (University of California-Davis)

World View of Bumble Bees – Paul Williams (Museum of Natural History-London, UK)

Commercial Rearing, Disease and Parasite Studies – Rene Ruiter (Koppert BV)

Parasites and bumble bee declines? Knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns – Mark Brown (University of London, UK)

What do surveys tell us about pathogen invasion in bumble bees? – Lee Solter (Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois)

Testing the Nosema invasion hypothesis with molecular tools and natural history collections – Jeff Lozier (University of Illinois)

Impacts of non-native bees – Dave Goulson (University of Stirling, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, UK)

Status of the European bumble bee, Bombus terrestris, in Japan as a beneficial pollinator and an invasive alien species – Koichi Goka (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan)

History and Current Status of Commercial Bumble Bee Production – Jan Vermeulen (Biobest NV, Belgium)

Pollination by native, non commercial bumble bees in Oregon crops – Sujaya Rao (Oregon State University)

Ecosystem services delivered by wild Bombus to crops – Rachael Winfree (Rutgers University)

Agricultural Intensification: Habitat Loss and its Effects on Bumble Bees – Shalene Jha (University of California-Berkeley)

Climate Change and its Possible Effects on Bumble Bees – David Inouye (University of Maryland, NSF)

Bumble bee Policy in the United States: History and Future Directions – Sarina Jepsen (The Xerces Society)

Questions USDA APHIS is Trying to Answer Regarding the Risks of Interstate Movement and Importation of Bumble Bees – Colin Stewart (USDA-APHIS)

Commercial bumble bees: is there a new pollinator on the western horizon? – James P. Strange (USDA-ARS Bee Lab)

Habitat Restoration for Bumble Bees – Mace Vaughan (The Xerces Society)

Bumble Boosters: Doing Science as a Community of Learners – Marion Ellis (University of Nebraska)

Bumblebee Conservation Initiatives in the UK – Dave Goulson (University of Stirling, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, UK)

Bumblebees in Mexico: Who, Research and Commercial Breeding – Remy Vandame (ECOSUR), Javier Quezada (University of Yucatan), and Juan Carlos Salinas (SEHUSA)

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