9 extraordinary facts about North America’s native bees

By Jaymi Heimbuch, Mother Nature Network

We all know bees are amazing. Without these pollinators, humans and many other creatures would starve to death. But there is so much about bees that most of us don’t realize, including the sheer amount of diversity. There are over 4,000 species of native bees in North America alone. And with such diversity comes extraordinarily cool quirks and behaviors. Photographer Clay Bolt is on a journey to document all of North America’s bees, and he has come across some fascinating facts.

He has provided us with a handful of the coolest things he has learned during his work with these insects. From pheromones that act as invisibility cloaks, to eggs that hatch in an orderly fashion in the nest, to bees that compete with the European honey bee as most efficient pollinators, prepare to have your eyes opened about bees.

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