This Is What Your Salad Bar Would Look Like Without Bees (And Other Pollinators)

Nick Visser, The Huffington Post

By now, you probably have your salad bar game down to a science. Arugula, beets, feta, sunflower seeds and a touch of balsamic vinaigrette? A little bit of falafel if you want to feel fancy? Well, without bees, butterflies, beetles and their pollinating brethren, tough luck.

For the past two years, Whole Foods Market has temporarily removed all of the produce and dairy dependent on pollinators from one of its supermarkets to showcase the drastically different selections shoppers would have if the tiny animals disappeared. As part of this year’s Share The Buzz campaign, the company removed 37 items that could become far harder to find at the salad bar if current declines in pollinator populations continue.