This Is What Dessert Would Look Like Without Bees

Bad news for those with a sweet tooth: the absence of pollinators such as bees and butterflies would signal the end of dessert as we know it.

Whole Foods Market recently removed all products from an area of the supermarket reliant on the creatures, mirroring past initiatives in the diary aisle and the produce section. The results, seen above in the bakery department for the company’s Share the Buzz campaign, are dramatic.

Without pollinators, 95 percent of dessert items the grocery chain stocks would either disappear completely or need to be drastically altered.

Pollinators including hummingbirds, flies, beetles and moths help in the production of nearly 75 percent of crops and an equal proportion of flowering plants.

Foods like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, almonds and berries wouldn’t be available without them. Even dairy products used in desserts like cheesecake and creme brulee would be harder to come by, as many cows eat diets of pollinator-dependent alfalfa or clover.

Some estimates attribute up to $15 billion a year in food production to pollinators. Apples, lemons, watermelon, carrots and avocado all rely on the creatures.

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