Monarchs Across Georgia Symposium – Conyers, GA

September 23rd, 2017
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Monastery of the Holy Spirit (Visitors Center)
Conyers, GA

Join Nancy Adamson of Xerces to learn about common native bees we can support by protecting and planting pollinator habitat. In Georgia, we have more than 500 native species and a few introduced species in addition to the European honey bee. Bumble bees, mason bees, mining or digger bees, sunflower bees, carpenter bees, hibiscus bees, and leafcutter bees are all groups you can easily recognize when you slow down and take a look. Plus, in Georgia, Nick Stewart has created a wonderful “Bees of Georgia” website you can reference Nancy’s program will highlight nesting habits to help you in supporting these diverse native pollinators. You can view some of her video clips of bees visiting native plants at The day includes many other wonderful speakers: Sonia Altizer on Monarch Butterflies, Kim Bailey on Hummingbirds, and Keren Giovengo on Gardening for Pollinators.

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