Bees, Trees, & Clean Water – Afton, VA

September 14th, 2019
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Rockfish Valley Community Center
Afton, VA

Join Nancy Lee Adamson, Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist with the Xerces Society, Chris Gyurisin of the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District, Sarah Hagan of Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries, Nelson County Master Gardener Herb Thomas, and Robert Jennings of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to learn about planting for pollinators, water quality, and Virginia’s cost share program for turf reduction. After lunch, the group will visit a native meadow converted from turf and kick seine in Mallory Creek. Kick seining is a way of collecting aquatic insects from stream bottoms—the presence of certain species tells us how clean the water is.

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