Andy Ernst, Ernst Conservation Seed Company

Founded in the 1960’s, Ernst Conservation Seed Company is a three-generation, family owned and operated business located in western Pennsylvania. The company got its start growing seed for roadside re-vegetation. Today Ernst is one of the largest native grass and wildflower seed producers in eastern North America, with hundreds of species and more than two thousand acres of land in production.

Andy Ernst, one of the company’s partners, is a major advocate for pollinator conservation. He is working closely with Xerces to conduct native wildflower restoration project through USDA-sponsored private landowner conservation programs, as well as land reclamation efforts by other agencies. Because most of their own crop species requiring healthy and abundant native bee populations to produce seed, Andy has a very direct appreciation of the importance of pollinators. As a consequence, Ernst is constantly striving to produce and harvest seed in the most ecologically sustainable and renewable manner possible.

For more information about Ernst Conservation Seed Company, including Xerces approved restoration seed mixes, or to buy seed for native eastern wildflowers like various asters, goldenrods, joe-pye weed, and spotted bee balm, visit their website.