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Fun with Harvester Butterflies, Part Two

Recently, photographer and Xerces Society member Bryan E. Reynolds earned a long-sought set of photos of the elusive harvester butterfly, North America’s only carnivorous butterfly.

Baller Beneficials! The 2019 Xerces Society Division 1 Beneficial Insect Championship

The 2019 Xerces Society Division 1 Beneficial Invertebrate Championship was a wild ride, with many upsets—and, of course, at the heart of it was the opportunity to learn about a wide array of fascinating creatures.

My First Hybrid: Limenitis archippus archippus × Limenitis arthemis astyanax

Photographer Bryan E. Reynolds encountered a rare hybrid of two of his favorite butterfly species—a well-deserved sighting for a passionate lepidopterist!

#PicturePerfectPollinator Photo Contest Winners

Thanks for all the entries to our Pollinator Week photo contest! You can review all the entries here.

Valentine’s Day: For the Love of Flies

To put it simply, no flies means no chocolate. So don’t forget to give the flies of the world some love!

Fun with Harvester Butterflies

Have you heard of the "very hungry caterpillar" that eats aphids?