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Pollinator Week


Join us in celebrating pollinators! Monday, June 17 marks the beginning of Pollinator Week, a national celebration of the amazing invertebrates that are vital to the health of ecosystems and agriculture. For the next several days, we will be sharing updates on our key program areas and how you can help support these important creatures, during Pollinator Week, and throughout the year.


Indeed, every week is Pollinator Week for us at the Xerces Society. We’re proud to say that we have the world’s largest team of conservationists dedicated to protecting pollinators. Our work extends from conserving the most imperiled pollinators through our endangered species program, to protecting these vital invertebrates from harmful chemicals with the work of our pesticide program, to creating and managing habitat thanks to our pollinator conservation program. Our pollinator conservation work also spans a wide array of landscapes, from communities that have achieved Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA affiliate status to farmers that have earned the Bee Better Certified seal; from parks and natural areas to home gardens; and agricultural lands of all sizes and uses, including rangeland, orchards, and crop fields.


Each day we work with, and are inspired by, the myriad people who are making tangible commitments to support pollinators. Check out our monthly Pollinator Team Digests to learn more about our recent projects, and check out the content below to learn how to join us in our efforts. Make sure to check back here each day for the newest content and tips, and thank you for doing your part!


Let’s Make Every Week Pollinator Week!

Without a doubt, every week is Pollinator Week here at the Xerces Society. Here are a variety of ways to support our efforts to conserve these vital invertebrates throughout the year—no matter where you live!

Working to Conserve Monarchs from Coast to Coast

The Xerces Society is working across the U.S. to conserve this beloved species, and there are a number of ways you can help!

Remember the Ground Nesting Bees when You Make Your Patch of Land Pollinator-Friendly

Providing nesting sites and reducing or eliminating pesticide use is key to supporting these important pollinators.

Managing Invertebrate-Friendly Gardens

Many Xerces Society members create wildlife gardens that are particularly hospitable to invertebrates. Here are three wonderful examples.

Introducing Xerces’ Newest Community Science Project: Nebraska Bumble Bee Atlas

Work alongside researchers to collect data and support bumble bee conservation.

Bee City USA: Galvanizing Communities to Reverse Pollinator Decline

Collectively, urban and suburban areas have the potential of offering millions of acres of life-giving habitat to pollinators.

Bring Back the Pollinators During National Pollinator Week

With Pollinator Week upon us, now is the time to reaffirm our commitment to protecting these vital invertebrates. Here are some tangible ways to help.

Kicking Off Canadian Bumble Bee Watch Training Events!

During this year's Pollinator Week (June 18 to 24) multiple locations in Ontario and Alberta were buzzing with activity, including an assortment of Bumble Bee Watch community-science training events led by Wildlife Preservation Canada.

#PicturePerfectPollinator Photo Contest Winners

Thanks for all the entries to our Pollinator Week photo contest! You can review all the entries here.

Bumble Bee Die-Off Under Investigation in Virginia

Bee kill incidents have marred Pollinator Week—which should be a week of celebration. Will other states learn from Oregon to prevent future incidents and protect pollinators?

Protecting Pollinators One Community at a Time

Pollinators need habitat that is protected from pesticides. Learn how you can encourage your local government to adopt policies that protect pollinators.