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Why Xerces

When your company partners with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, you support the life that sustains all of us. No matter what kind of relationship we develop, we’ll be transparent and responsive. Our current corporate partners value the Xerces Society because:

  • We make real conservation gains possible.
  • We deliver on our promises to our partners.
  • We can help tell the story of the partnership’s impact.

We seek corporate partners that share our commitment to protecting biodiversity in all its forms. Our current partners represent a variety of market segments and business sizes. For more information about becoming one of our corporate partners, please see the Xerces Society corporate partnership fact sheet.

In the section below, we’ve described the typical ways we are working with companies to accomplish their philanthropic goals.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here or are ready to start a conversation, please fill out our inquiry form. Once we receive your information, a member of our corporate giving team will respond within two to three business days.

Interested in engaging the Xerces Society as a consultant? The inquiry form is the best way to let us know that you are interested in tapping into our expertise to unite your business practices with invertebrate conservation considerations.

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Align your business with an international leader in invertebrate conservation

Your company can express support for invertebrates and their ecological roles by sponsoring the Xerces Society. Everyone benefits when the base of the food chain is protected, and as a corporate sponsor, you’ll be part of our work on behalf of these animals.

The Xerces Difference

No other nonprofit organization covers the same breadth of the invertebrate world that we do. We blend scientific rigor, education, and advocacy to meet the conservation needs of invertebrates. We’re viewed as a credible source for practical solutions because everything we do is grounded in science. We translate the lessons of research into accessible, useful information for decision makers, landowners, and the public. We aren’t afraid to speak up on behalf of invertebrates when their survival is at stake.

The Xerces Society achieves on-the-ground conservation results for bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and other invertebrates and protects the unique ecosystem roles that these animals play. Our work reaches across all levels of geography—local, regional, national, and international.
If conservation-oriented philanthropy is part of your corporate citizenship program, please contact us to discuss how we can involve you in our programs.

Benefits to Your Business

By sponsoring the Xerces Society, you can communicate your corporate commitment to wildlife conservation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. We let people know about your relationship with us on our Corporate Supporters page, in our annual report, and through other communications vehicles.

Featured Corporate Supporters

As you engage deeper with our mission, we can offer expanded opportunities to highlight your support.

Becoming a Sponsor

You’ll want to review these pages to take the next steps to becoming a Xerces Society sponsor.

Cause Marketing

Working together to spread the word about invertebrate conservation

Linking your support for the Xerces Society to the sale of your products or services can be powerful. These activities are called “cause marketing” or “commercial co-ventures”, and they offer ways to leverage your brand and ours on behalf of invertebrates.

Connecting your products to our programs is a powerful way to increase the Xerces Society’s capacity to address critical issues facing invertebrates while also building loyalty for your brand. Cause-related marketing allows us to raise consumer awareness of the challenges that bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and other invertebrates face and to enlist the public in being part of the solution.

Cause marketing and commercial co-ventures often involve informing consumers that a specific amount of money will be directed to the Xerces Society when they purchase one of your products or services, but there are other forms, too. The Xerces Society will work with you to define a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Benefits to Your Business

Through a cause marketing relationship with the Xerces Society, you can involve your customers in your commitment to wildlife conservation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. We let people know about your relationship with us on our Corporate Supporters page, in our annual report, and through other communications vehicles.

Getting Started

These resources are your next steps for exploring cause marketing opportunities with the Xerces Society.

For Artists, Creatives, and Other Sole Proprietors

Many makers, doers, and entrepreneurs are interested in supporting the Xerces Society. We’re big fans of the small business ethos and appreciate your operating constraints. Please be aware if you are interested in using our name in association with your business or a specific product, we will need to develop a written agreement and work out some details with you. Our corporate partnership fact sheet will give you more information about these requirements. If this sounds like it would be too burdensome, please consider donating as an individual or becoming a member of the Xerces Society. Otherwise, tell us about your idea using our corporate partnership inquiry form—we’d love to talk with you!

Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving

Please visit our Match Gifts & Workplace Giving Page for more information.