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Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden
By The Xerces Society and The Smithsonian Institution. This book provides information on butterflies and the plants that attract them; extensive resource lists; and essays on butterflies, gardening, and conservation topics. Color photos, paperback, 208 pages.
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The Monarch Habitat Handbook: A California Landowner’s Guide to Managing Monarch Butterfly Overwintering Habitat
By Lincoln Brower, Mia Monroe and Katrin Snow for the Xerces Society.Produced as part of the Xerces Society‚Äôs Monarch Project, this handbook is a guide for California landowners who wish to practice wise stewardship over their Monarch butterfly overwintering habitat, preserving it for future generations to enjoy. 16 pages, 6″ x 8-1/2″, full-color photographs.
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State of the Monarch Butterfly Overwintering Sites in California – This report builds upon data collected at over 400 overwintering sites in California including population trends and habitat conditions. A top 50 list prioritizes sites for protection and active management, with conservation profiles for the top 25 sites.

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Program Highlights
  • • The Xerces Society has awarded two $3,750 Joan M. DeWind awards for research into lepidoptera conservation
  • Butterfly-a-thon pledges raise $30 per species that Bob Pyle observes for butterfly conservation work
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el segundo blue butterfly (Euphilotes bernardino allyni) by Larry Orsak


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