Corporate Partnership Fact Sheet

We value the role that businesses of all sizes can play in helping us realize our mission and goals. The following information is intended to explain our expectations for these relationships and help you evaluate whether working with us is feasible for your company. After reviewing this information, please contact us with your partnership idea.

Conservation Education

In addition to financial support, our corporate partners help us convey our message of wildlife conservation to broader audiences than we can do on our own. We can work with you to develop and distribute content that is relevant to our mission and reflective of your company’s role in supporting it.

To protect our nonprofit status, some types of communications about our corporate partners are not allowed. We do not directly advertise or promote our partners or their products or services. We are allowed to publicly acknowledge our corporate partners and thank them for their support. We will work with you to develop an appropriate communications strategy about our relationship that balances your interests and ours.

Written Agreements

We find that written agreements are a foundation for good working relationships with our corporate partners, regardless of the scope of the arrangement. A written agreement must be in place before the relationship is shared publicly.

Depending on the type of relationship, a written agreement may in fact be required due to state regulations. We can provide a draft agreement that captures our shared goals or review your company’s standard agreement.

Use of Xerces Society’s Name, Logo, and Other Trademarked Content

Written permission is always required to use our name, logo, and other trademarked content. Specific terms are part of our standard agreements.


The Xerces Society pursues corporate partnership opportunities that are consistent with our mission and goals and that allow us to maintain our reputation, credibility, and objectivity. All partnership ideas are evaluated with these criteria in mind. In some cases we may have to respectfully decline when these criteria are not met. For example, the Xerces Society does not accept financial or in-kind support from pesticide companies.

As a matter of policy, the Xerces Society does not endorse any companies or their products or services. This policy applies whether or not the Xerces Society receives financial support from a company. None of the Xerces Society’s corporate partnerships represent an explicit or implied endorsement, and our partners are prohibited from expressing or implying an endorsement by the Xerces Society.

We do not sell, loan, or distribute our mailing list (including e-mail addresses) to corporate partners.

Cause Marketing and Commercial Co-Ventures

Interested in linking your support for the Xerces Society to the promotion of your company or the sale of your products or services? These activities are sometimes called “cause marketing” or “commercial co-ventures,” and additional limitations and considerations come into play. All cause marketing and commercial co-venture relationships must comply with applicable state laws and the Better Business Bureau’s Standards for Charity Accountability. The following overview covers our approach to compliance and your potential role in helping us achieve it.

Disclosure Regulations and Contract Requirements

Although laws vary from state to state, the Xerces Society strives to satisfy all of these laws in its standard cause marketing/commercial co-venture agreement. By maintaining these standard contract provisions, we can streamline the process and keep our attention—and your donations—focused on mission-driven activities.

Our standard agreement conveys our understanding of how and when information must be disclosed to consumers, as well as other contract provisions that are required by state regulations. The Xerces Society does not provide legal advice, and you are encouraged to seek your own legal counsel.

Registration Requirements

Some states require companies participating in cause marketing relationships and commercial co-ventures to file the relevant contract and/or to register as a commercial co-venturer. In other states, the Xerces Society is required to file the relevant contract or to disclose all of our cause marketing/ commercial co-venture relationships. This does not constitute legal advice on the part of the Xerces Society. As noted above, you are encouraged to seek your own legal counsel.


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