Preventing Negative Impacts of Pesticides on Pollinators

Agronomy Technical Note No. 9: Preventing or Mitigating Potential Negative Impacts of Pesticides on Pollinators Using Integrated Pest Management and Other Conservation Practices

By Mace Vaughan, Giulio Ferruzzi, Joseph Bagdon, Eric Hesketh, and David Biddinger

This USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) manual provides NRCS state offices and IPM professionals with guidance on conservation strategies that can reduce the risk of pesticides to bees in farm landscapes (such as the establishment of pesticide buffer systems). Adoption of the conservation strategies outlined in the manual may qualify for NRCS support. Readers will also gain a deeper understanding of pesticide risk assessment (toxicity and exposure) so that they can make informed decisions on pesticide selection.

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