Swallowtails: Hahnel’s Amazonian swallowtail (Parides hahneli)

(Lepidoptera: Papiliolidae: Papilioninae)

Profile prepared by The Xerces Society

The Hahnel’s swallowtail is restricted to a few areas of sandy riverbank along tributaries of the Amazon in central Brazil and may be threatened by over collection.

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conservation status

This swallowtail is listed by the IUCN Red List. However, it has not been given a specific designation (that is to say, endangered or threatened) for a lack of information. It is also listed as threatened by the Brazilian government.


A large black and yellow swallowtail. The forewings are long and narrow with three broad yellow-gray bands. The hindwing has a large yellow patch surrounded by black and a long, spatulate tail. This species is considered to be very primitive and may hold clues to the evolution of the genus, Parides.

life history

Little known. Larvae feed on a species of Aristolochia.


Very restricted to a few areas of sandy riverbank along tributaries of the Amazon in central Brazil.


The main threat to this species is over-collection.

conservation needs

The authors of the IUCN Red Data book on swallowtails recommend that searches be made for new populations and reserves be set up around the unique habitat used by this species. In addition, it is critically important to stop the collection and sale of specimens.


Much of the information on this species is taken almost directly from the following resources:

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