Freshwater Mussels of the Pacific Northwest

By Ethan Jay Nedeau, Allan K. Smith, Jen Stone, and Sarina Jepsen

This book provides an introduction to the freshwater mussel species that occur in western North America, focusing primarily on the Pacific Northwest. This expanded edition includes updated information on the status and taxonomy of western freshwater mussels, as well as a detailed bibliography.

This guide includes information on basic anatomy, life cycle, habitat, ecosystem role, diversity, distribution, human use, conservation, and management of freshwater mussels that occur west of the Rocky Mountains. The species or species groups addressed in this guide include: Margaritifera falcata, Gonidea angulata, Anodonta beringiana, the Anodonta californiensis / Anodonta nuttalliana clade, and the Anodonta oregonensis / Anodonta kennerlyi clade. For each species or species group, this publication provides a description, a shell photograph, range, a range map, and life history, habitat and conservation information. This publication is 51 pages and printed in full color.

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