Macroinvertebrates of the Pacific Northwest

Macroinvertebrates of the Pacific Northwest
A Field Guide
By Jeff Adams and Mace Vaughan, The Xerces Society

The field guide is printed on durable, water resistant paper. The images in this guide are representative of 56 common and readily visible groups of macroinvertebrates encountered in wadeable streams of the Pacific Northwest. General information is included on the identification and natural history of each group. Most images are entire organisms.

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Stream Bugs as Biomonitors: A Guide to Pacific Northwest Macroinvertebrate Monitoring and Identification
By Jeff Adams with Mace Vaughan and Scott Hoffman Black, The Xerces Society
(The CD-ROM was designed for use with PC computers)

The CD-ROM uses 900 pages of text and over 5000 images to detail the entire process of freshwater macroinvertebrate monitoring in the Pacific Northwest – from identifying macroinvertebrates to interpreting data. A section on the sampling process leads you through 10 steps of developing and implementing a macroinvertebrate monitoring program, with detailed information on each step. The identification section provides a variety of resources, including lists of freshwater macroinvertebrates by ecoregion (for Oregon and Washington); information on introduced macroinvertebrates; practice for field identification; and detailed identification guides and descriptions of nearly 500 Pacific Northwest macroinvertebrates.

Other major sections of the CD-ROM include background on macroinvertebrate monitoring, data interpretation, and using macroinvertebrate data to conserve your watershed. Also included is a section on sampling macroinvertebrates for education, several simple games, short macroinvertebrate movie clips, an extensive resource section, and a glossary of selected macroinvertebrate monitoring terminology.