Miner bees: Perdita wyomingensis wyomingensis

(Hymenoptera: [Apoidea:] Andrenidae: Panurginae: Perditini)

Profile prepared by Matthew Shepherd, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Perdita wyomingensis wyomingensis is a rare endemic bee with a restricted distribution and uncertain population status. It has been recorded only once, in Idaho fescue-slender wheatgrass habitat at Jackson, WY.

red list profile

conservation status

Xerces Red List Status: Data Deficient
Other Rankings:

Canada – Species at Risk Act: N/A
Canada – provincial status: N/A
Mexico: N/A
USA – Endangered Species Act: N/A
USA – state status: N/A
NatureServe: N/A
IUCN Red List: N/A

A rare endemic species with a restricted distribution and uncertain population status.

taxonomic status

Perdita (Perdita) wyomingensis wyomingensis Cockerell 1922

life history

The flight period of Perdita wyomingensis wyomingensis is June to July (Tepedino and Griswold, 1995). Like all members of the tribe Perditini, P. wyomingensis wyomingensis nests in the ground. (Perdita nests differ from the majority of andrenid nests in that the cells are unlined or only partially lined.) Nearly all species of the tribe Perditini are specialist foragers. It is not known which plants P. wyomingensis wyomingensis forages at, but it may be mariposa lily (genus Calochortus).

It has been recorded in one habitat type within the Columbia Basin, Idaho fescue-slender wheatgrass.


Perdita wyomingensis wyomingensis has been recorded only from Jackson, WY.

threats and conservation needs

Threats to this species are currently unknown.

Conservation efforts should ensure that suitable flowering plants persist and that appropriate nesting substrate remains.

Little is known of the biology of this species. Studies of both the nesting and foraging habits would be valuable.


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additional resources

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