Red Lists

A large proportion of the species that have become extinct worldwide in the past century are insects and other invertebrates. For many animals, including most birds and mammals, the basic information that allows people to identify key species in need of conservation exists and is accessible. Unfortunately, for invertebrates, this information is often hidden in scientists’ files or is lacking altogether. The first step to protect the subset of these insects that are at-risk of extinction in the near- or long-term is to identify those species in need of conservation attention. To that end, we are in the process of producing Red Lists for a variety of invertebrate species groups.

The following Red Lists are currently available:

The Xerces Society has created status reviews and species profiles for scores of other invertebrates, which can be found here.

The Red Lists include a series of species profiles that:

  • Identify endangered, threatened, and other at-risk pollinator species and their habitats.
  • Give information on biology, status, and conservation needs of at-risk pollinators.
  • List critical threats to their survival.
  • Provide information on conservation and research needs.
  • List contact information for scientists and land managers.
  • Provide references for additional information.

Our hope is that the Red Lists will heighten awareness of the plight of invertebrates and gain protection for the most vulnerable species before they decline to a level where recovery is impossible.