monarch conservation

New Guidelines for Protecting California’s Butterfly Groves

Published on November 8, 2017

The fact that the monarch butterfly migrates is well-known. The tale of this seemingly fragile creature winging its way across hundreds or thousands of miles enthralls children and adults alike, and has led to a massive level of interest by people everywhere in growing milkweed and other flowers to support this annual cycle. But monarchs Read more …

Monarch butterflies disappearing from western North America

Published on September 8, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cheryl Schultz, associate professor of biological sciences, Washington State University Vancouver, WA (503) 307-5807, Elizabeth Crone, professor of biology, Tufts University, Medford, MA, (406) 531-3498, Sarina Jepsen, endangered species program director, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, Portland, OR, (971) 244-3727, Monarch butterflies disappearing from western North America Read more …

Harvesting Milkweed Seed: a Pod and a Plan

Published on September 7, 2017

As with comedy, harvesting milkweed seed is all about timing. Too soon and the seed will be immature and won’t germinate, too late and it will have either blown away or involve a flossy mess you’ll need to deal with before sowing. Here we’ll explore some methods of harvesting milkweed seed, separating the truth from Read more …