New Report: Top Ten Species Most in Need of Protection

The Endangered Species Coalition has just released the report: “Without a Net: Top Ten Wildlife, Fish and Plants in Need of Endangered Species Act Protection.” This report includes ten species and three honorable mentions that are in danger of extinction, but are not protected under the Endangered Species Act. The report highlights the fact that the implementation of the Endangered Species Act is currently crippled, and decisions not to list a species are too often influenced by politics, rather than science.

The species in this report include:

1. Pacific Walrus – Alaska (nominated by the Center for Biological Diversity)
2. Red Knot, rufa population – East Coast, Texas (nominated by Delaware Riverkeepers Network)
3. Wolverine – Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington (nominated by Defenders of Wildlife)
4. Gunnison Sage-grouse – Colorado, Utah (nominated by WildEarth Guardians)
5. Fluvial Arctic Grayling – Montana (nominated by Federation of Fly Fishers & Center for Biological Diversity)
6. Island Marble Butterfly – Washington (nominated by The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation)
7. Southern Rockies Boreal Toad – Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho (nominated by Center for Native Ecosystems & Center for Biological Diversity)
8. Mason’s Skypilot – California and Nevada (nominated by Native Plant Conservation Campaign)
9. Great White Shark – Coastal States (nominated by Oceana)
10. Wood Turtle – Great Lakes and Northeastern States, Virginia and West Virginia (nominated by Wild Virginia)

Honorable Mentions:

Sand Dune Lizard – New Mexico and Texas (nominated by WildEarth Guardians)
Grahams Penstemon – Colorado, Utah (nominated by Center for Native Ecosystems)
Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, Western Population – Arizona (nominated by Defenders of Wildlife)

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