Using the Red List

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What is the Red List?
The red list includes detailed profiles on the conservation of each listed species. Each profile is a compilation of the current state of the science and includes what is known about the ecology, distribution, and conservation of each species.

How do I find information on a particular species?
To find information on species click on the links within the table, which will take you to a profile for that species. Profiles are also available to download (in PDF format) on individual species pages. In the Red List of Butterflies and Moths, there is an additional table containing links to official recovery plans developed for some of the species listed as threatened or endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

What information is included in each table?
The tables include latin and common names, distribution, and Xerces Society Red List status. The butterfly and moth table also indicates which species are listed on the U.S. Endangered Species Act (indicated by an *) or the Canadian Species At Risk Act (indicated by an † ). The butterflies have been sorted into two tables – one by Latin name and the other by common name. The bees and aquatic invertebrate tables are only sorted by Latin name, as most do not have a useful common name.