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Below is a list of Wings issues from the present back to Spring of 1987. Most recent issues are available to download for free.

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Fall 2018 (Vol 41, #2) Climate Change

Scott Hoffman Black, Conservation in a Changing World
Scott Hoffman Black, A Shifting Climate Creates Winners and Losers
Emilie Blevins, Are Freshwater Mussels in Hot Water?
Angela Laws, Mitigating the Effects of Heat on Urban Pollinators
Conservation Spotlight: Remembering the Life and Work of Lincoln Brower
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of recent research and events
Staff Profile: Meet Angela Laws

Spring 2018 (Vol 41, #1) Grasslands
Scott Hoffman Black and Eric Lee-Mäder, Can Robobees Solve the Pollination Crisis?
Candace Fallon, Keeping the Lights Burning: The Status of Fireflies in the United States and Canada
Ray Moranz, The Striking Beauty of Oklahoma’s Butterflies
Matthew Shepherd, Ups and Downs of English Chalk Grasslands
Conservation Spotlight: Iowa’s Living Roadway Trust Fund
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Candace Fallon

Fall 2017 (Vol 40, #2) Conservation in Urban Areas
Scott Hoffman Black, Addressing Conservation in Urban Areas
Aimee Code, How Our Gardening Choices Affect Our Waterways
Justin Wheeler, Bringing Conservation Home
Matthew Shepherd, Life in the Suburbs
Conservation Spotlight: Soleil Gaylord has been an advocate for conservation since grade school
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Alex Charlap

Spring 2017 (Vol 40, #1) Focus on Farmland
Scott Hoffman Black, Conservation Built on a Scientific Foundation
Sarah Foltz Jordan, Conservation Built on a Scientific Foundation
Scott Hoffman Black, Re-Flowering the Valley
Dave Goulson, Post-Brexit Britain Grapples with the EU Moratorium on Neonicotinoids
Conservation Spotlight: Julie Serences on pollinator habitat
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Sarah Foltz Jordan

Fall 2016 (Vol 39, #2) From the Field
Scott Hoffman Black, Dispatches From the Field
Scott Hoffman Black, Conserving Pollinators on Farmland
Candace Fallon, On Being an Invertebrate Conservation Detective
Aimee Code, Ecosystems at Our Doorstep: Protecting Urban Pollinators
Rich Hatfield, Protecting Bumble Bees Across the Americas
Conservation Spotlight: Increasing our Understanding of Rare Butterflies
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Suzanne Granahan

Spring 2016 (Vol 39, #1) Butterfly Conservation
Scott Hoffman Black, The Xerces Society’s Roots in Butterfly Conservation
Scott Hoffman Black, North American Butterflies: Are Once-Common Species in Trouble?
Matthew Shepherd, Gardening with Butterflies
Allison Leidner, Conserving the Crystal Skipper, North Carolina’s Newest Butterfly
Conservation Spotlight: Butterfly Conservation in Britain
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Sarina Jepsen

Fall 2015 (Vol 38, #2) Rethinking Pesticides
Scott Hoffman Black, Rethinking Pesticides
Thelma Heidel-Baker and Scott Hoffman Black, Pursuing a Thoughtful Balance in the Management of Insect Pests
Celeste Searles Mazzacano, Mosquitoes, Wildlife, and People
Aimee Code, Neonicotinoids: Silver Bullets that Misfired
Conservation Spotlight: Monarchs and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Aimee Code

Spring 2015 (Vol 38, #1) Roadside Habitat
Scott Hoffman Black, Advocacy and Collaboration on Behalf of Invertebrate Conservation
Jennifer Hopwood and Matthew Shepherd, Pollinator Conservation at Sixty Miles an Hour
Celeste Searles Mazzacano, Blue Highways, Green Rockworms, Golden Stoneflies
Scott Hoffman Black, The Butterfly and the Road Grader
Conservation Spotlight: The Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Celeste Searles Mazzacano

Fall 2014 (Vol 37, #2) Butterflies and Moths
Scott Hoffman Black, Protecting Pollinators: A Critical Issue of Our Time
Candace Fallon, Scott Hoffman Black, and Matthew Shepherd, Butterflies and Moths as Pollinators
Gil Pettigrew, The Ecological and Social History of the Atala Butterfly in Southeast Florida
Paige Howorth, Pupal Cells and Pumpkin Seeds: A Continuing Education in Invertebrate Zoology
Conservation Spotlight: The Migratory Dragonfly Project
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Celeste Searles Mazzacano

Spring 2014 (Vol 37, #1) Spiders
Scott Hoffman Black, The Changing Landscape of Conservation
Scott Hoffman Black, Michele Blackburn, Celeste Mazzacano, and Candace Fallon, Oil Spills and Marine Invertebrates
Paula E. Cushing, The Colorado Spider Survey
Paula E. Cushing, Jack O. Brookhart, and Jen Roswell, Hairy, Scary Haarskeeders
Conservation Spotlight: Dr. Karen Oberhauser
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Matthew Shepherd

Fall 2013 (Vol 36, #2) Habitat
Scott Hoffman Black, In Memoriam: Bumble Bees
Eric Mader, The Art and Science of Restoring Pollinator Habitat
Gary Paul Nabhan, Food Chain Restoration: Reconnecting Pollinators with Their Plants
Sarina Jepsen, Providing Year-Round Habitat for California Monarchs
Conservation Spotlight: The Interagency Special Status/Sensitive Species Program
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Megan Faria

Spring 2013 (Vol 36, #1) Change
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Piotr Naskrecki, The Wonder of Metamorphosis
Rich Hatfield, The Pendulum Swings: Citizen Science and Conservation
Scott Hoffman Black, Saving a Rare Butterfly, Step by Step
Conservation Spotlight: The University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum
Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research
Staff Profile: Meet Mace Vaughan

Fall 2012 (Vol 35, #2) Happy Birthday, Silent Spring
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction:
Eric Mader, Life at the Speed of Light
Raynald Harvey Lemelin, Six-Legged Sojourns: Insect-Based Recreation and Tourism
Celeste Mazzacano, An Obsession with Odonata
Jennifer Hopwood and Matthew Shepherd, Neonicotinoids in Your Garden

Spring 2012 (Vol 35, #1) Endangered Species
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction: Life on the Edge
Mitchell Magdich, Summertime Blues
Sarina Jepsen, The Silence of the Bees
Sarah Foltz Jordan, Shedding Light on Little-Known Lives
Karl Magnacca, The Aloha Bees
Scott Hoffman Black, Invertebrates and the Endangered Species Act

Fall 2011 (Vol 34, #2) Xerces at 40
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Robert Michael Pyle, The Early Years
Melody Mackey Allen, Entering the Professional Era
Scott Hoffman Black, Into the New Millennium
Xerces Society Grants

Spring 2011 (Vol 34, #1) Plants and Insects
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Neil Cumberlidge and Piotr Naskrecki, Endangered Crab Found In West Africa’s Shrinking Forests
Douglas Tallamy, Aliens
Brianna Borders and Matthew Shepherd, Milkweeds: Not Just for Monarchs
David L. Pearson, Six-Legged Tigers
Celeste Mazzacano, Watching the Devil’s Horses Pass By

Fall 2010 (Vol 33, #2) International Butterfly Conservation
Owen T. Lewis, Assessing the Status of the World’s Butterflies
Evrim Karacetin and Hilary Welch, Butterflies in Turkey’s Kackar Mountains
Yasuhiro Nakamura, Conservation of Butterflies in Japan’s Changing Environments
Jaret Daniels, Florida Butterflies
Robert Michael Pyle, Butterfly Conservation in 2010: How We Got Here

Spring 2010 (Vol 33, #1)
Susan J. Tweit, Sea Anemones: Flowers of the Sea
Arthur M. Shapiro, On Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
Piotr Naskrecki, The Beautiful Katydids
Scott Hoffman Black, Appropriate Forest Management in the Face of the Bark Beetle Epidemic
Gretchen LeBruhn, The Great Sunflower Project

Fall 2009 (Vol 32, #2) Piggyback Conservation
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Claire Kremen, Piggyback Conservation
Scott Hoffman Black, Butterflies and Fire: Ashes or Phoenix?
Wendell Gilgert, Game Birds, the Farm Bill, and Invertebrates: a Win-Win-Win Situation
Sacha Spector, Missed Opportunities on the Grassy Knoll: Saving the Northeast’s Grassland Invertebrates
Piotr Naskrecki, Can a Bird Save a Living Fossil?

Spring 2009 (Vol 32, #1)
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Craig Childs, The Memory of Water—Life in Ephemeral Water Holes
Bryan E. Reynolds, Capturing Butterflies Photographically
Robert Michael Pyle, The Beauty of Butterfly Nets
Vicky Kindemba, Riverfly Partnership—Protecting Britain’s Rivers
Brian Tissot, The Importance of Deep-Sea Coral Communities

Fall 2008 (Vol 31, #2)
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Scott Hoffman Black and Matthew Shepherd, Small Animals That Pack a Big Punch
Dan Johnson: Grasshoppers, Nuisance or Necessity?
Al Smith and Sarina Jepsen, Overlooked Gems: The Benefits of Freshwater Mussels
Margie Mayfield, A Global Perspective on Crop Pollination
Sacha Spector and Elizabeth Nichols, Dirty Work, Done Dirt Cheap

Spring 2008 (Vol 31, #1) Insects and the City
Sacha Spector, Introduction
Kevin Cox Matteson, Entomologist in the Big Apple
Travis Longcore and Catherine Rich, Invertebrate Conservation at the Gates of Hell
Greta Binford, Spiders, Tiny Predators in Your Backyard
Matt Shardlow, Brownfields
Celeste Mazzacano, Scott Hoffman Black, and Matthew Shepherd, Magic in an Urban Stream

Fall 2007 (Vol 30, #2) Invertebrates and Global Warming
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
John H. Matthews, Wetland Invertebrates: What Happens When the Pond is Half-Empty?
David Obura, Bleached Out: Coral Reefs Under Stress
Matthew L. Forister, Beer for Butterflies: Tracking Global Warming
Andrew Lawrence, For Marine Worms, Timing is Everything
David Inouye, Impacts of Global Warming on Pollinators

Spring 2007 (vol. 30, #1) Wings at Twenty
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Ingrid Deyrup-Olsen, A View of Land Slugs: Soft Bodies in a Hard World
Thomas Eisner, Insects: The Master Chemists
Edward O. Wilson, A Grassroots Jungle in a Vacant Lot
Natalie Angier, The Flea Files
Ann Haymond Zwinger, Under the Silver Ceiling
May Berenbaum, The Fly That Changed the Course of Science
Mark and Nancy Deyrup, The Caterpillar That Recycles Turtles
Dennis Paulson, Dragonflies and Damselflies: Bugs of Prey

Fall 2006 (vol. 29, #2) Crustaceans
Scott Hoffman Black, Introduction
Susan B. Adams, Dainties of the First Order
Stephen Nicol, Critical Krill
John H. Christy and Patricia R. Y. Backwell, Signalling Safety
Tim B. Graham, Hidden Life
Marilyn Schotte, Roly-Poly Lifestyles

Spring 2006 (vol. 29, #1) Invertebrates as Inspiration
Introduction by Robert Michael Pyle, guest editor
Thomas Eisner, Hidden Splendor
Susan J. Tweit, Restoring a Creek, Restoring Hope
Dame Miriam Rothschild, Lost Among the Poppies
Robert Michael Pyle, A Passion for Worms
Ann Haymond Zwinger, Notes of a Nearsighted Naturalist
Poetry by Margarita Engle, Michele Glazer, Pattiann Rogers, and Bill Yake
Mixed-Media Invertebrates, artwork by Gwynn Popovac
An appreciation: Tom Eisner, outgoing Xerces Society president

Fall 2005 (vol. 28, #2) Invertebrates and Plants
Scott Hoffman Black: Introduction
May Berenbaum and Terry Harrison: Micro-Moths: The Nuts and Bolts of Prairie Communities
Piotr Naskrecki: Predators as Plants
Scott Hoffman Black: Demystifying Bark Beetles
David Dussourd: In the Trenches: Bioprospecting with a Caterpillar Probe
Aaron M. Ellison: Turning the Tables: Plants Bite Back

Spring 2005 (vol. 28, #1) “Wings” in Africa
Scott Hoffman Black: Introduction
Piotr Naskrecki: On the Benefits of a Prepared Mind: The History of Heelwalkers
Dino J. Martins: Children of Sisyphus: The Eternal Labors of Dung Beetles
Bruce G. Marcot: The Ecological and Cultural Functions of Invertebrates in the Congo River Basin
Michael Samways: Damsels Get Reprieve from Distress
Barbara Gemmill, Edwin Selempo, and Alfred Ochieng’: Upon the Shoulders of Small Creatures
In Memoriam: Dame Miriam Rothschild

Fall 2004 (vol. 27, #2) The “Expanding the Ark” Symposium
Sacha Spector: Introduction
David Strayer: The Crisis for Freshwater Invertebrates
Timothy R. New: Velvetworms: Charismatic Invertebrates for Conservation
Gary E. Davis: Spiny Lobsters As Flagship Species for Marine Ecosystems
Piotr Naskrecki: The Taxonomic Impediment: A Colonial Legacy
Mary Seddon: Invertebrate Conservation and the Red List

Spring 2004 (vol. 27, #1) Lepidoptera Conservation
Jaret C. Daniels and Thomas C. Emmel: Florida’s Precious Miami Blues
May Berenbaum: Friendly Fire
Robert Michael Pyle and Mia Monroe: Conservation of Western Monarchs
Scott Hoffman Black and Mace Vaughan: Protecting the Northwest Prairies and Their Butterflies
Jim Asher, Martin Warren, Richard Fox, Paul Harding, Gail Jeffcoate, and Stephen Jeffcoate: Saving Britain’s Butterflies

Fall 2003 (Vol. 26, #2) Beetles
Jonathan R. Mawdsley: Beetles: Overlooked Pollinators
Erin J. Stephens and John E. Losey: The Decline of C-9–New York’s State Insect
Charles L. Bellamy: The Stunning World of Jewel Beetles
Joel Sartore and Steve Spomer: Last Stand for the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle

Spring 2003 (Vol. 26, #1) Snails and Slugs
Jim Atkinson: Living in a World of Tastes and Smells
William Leonard and Kristiina Ovaska: Jumping-Slugs!
David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton: Kahuli: The Tree Snails of Hawai’i
Tom Aley and David Ashley: Saving the Tumbling Creek Cave Snail

Fall 2002 (Vol 25, #2) Sorry, no hard copies available
Carol Ann Kearns: Flies and Flowers: An Enduring Partnership
Thomas Eisner: The Mosquito’s Buzz
May Berenbaum: Picture-Winged Flies: Worth a Thousand Words?
Rick Rogers: Giant Flower-Loving Flies
Robert Michael Pyle: An Obituary for Jo Brewer, Co-founder of the Xerces Society

Spring 2002 (Vol 25, #1) Invertebrate Conservation in Great Britain
Andrew Nixon and Helen McConnell: Marsh Bloodsuckers
Valerie Keeble: Stag Beetles
Roger S. Key: Moccas, an English Deer Park
Alan Stubbs: Bug Life: The Birth of the Invertebrate Conservation Trust
Robert Michael Pyle: Book Reviews

Fall 2001 (Vol 24, #2) Endangered Species (30th Anniversary of the Xerces Society)
Thomas Eisner, Robert Michael Pyle, and Melody Mackey Allen: Reflections at Thirty
Mark A. Deyrup and Thomas Eisner: Snapshots at the Edge of a Cliff
Michael J. Bean: Lessons from Two Endangered Invertebrates
Brendan Cummings: White Abalone: The First Marine Invertebrate Protected Under the
Endangered Species Act
Robert Michael Pyle: Resurrection Ecology: Bring Back the Xerces Blue!

Spring 2001 (Vol 24, #1) Odonata
Dennis Paulson: Dragonflies and Damselflies: Bugs of Prey
Sidney W. Dunkle: Spiketails
Dan A. Polhemus: Hawaiian Damselflies: Insular Diversity at Risk
Dan M. Johnson, Daniel A. Soluk, and Diane Debinski: The Endangered Hines’ Emerald Dragonfly
Michael Bean: Discovering More about Odonata

Fall 2000 (Vol 23, #2) Edward S. Ross
Melody Mackey Allen: The Extraordinary Career of Edward S. Ross
Edward S. Ross: Forays Into the World of Invertebrates
Ed Grosswiler and Scott Hoffman Black: Xerces in Transition

Spring 2000 (Vol 23, #1) True bugs – Sorry, no hard copies available
Douglas W. Tallamy: Maternal Lace Bugs: To Care or Not to Care
Dan A. Polhemus: Hawaiian Heteroptera: A Case Study in Insular Evolution
Nancy A. Moran: The Secret to Success in Sap-sucking Insects
Thomas J. Henry: The Predatory Miridae: A Glimpse at the Other Plant Bugs

Fall 1999 (Vol 22, #2) Caterpillars
Edward S. Ross: I Like Caterpillars
May Berenbaum: Shelter-making Caterpillars: Rolling their Own
Densey Clyne: The Craftsmanship of Caterpillars
Mark and Nancy Deyrup: The Caterpillar that Recycles Turtles
Thomas Eisner and Jerrold Meinwald: A Hunger for Poison
Michael J. Bean: Throwing Caution to the Wind: Monarchs and Bt Pollen

Spring 1999 (Vol 22, #1) Arachnids
Densey Clyne: A Netcaster Down Under
Natalie Angier: Admirers of the Scorpion
Rosemary Gillespie: A Gem Worth Protecting: the Hawaiian Happy Face Spider
W. Mitchell Masters: The Spider’s World of Vibration

Fall 1998 (Vol 21, #2) Marine II
Carl Safina: Searching for a Cure Beneath the Waves
Majorie L. Reaka-Kudla: Cryptic Crustaceans: The Lilliputians of the Sea
James G. Morin: Living Light from Cnidarians
Ronald L. Shimek: Subtidal Splendor in the Northeastern Pacific

Spring 1998 (Vol 21, #1) Marine I
Sylvia A. Earle: Why Care About Life in the Sea?
Clyde F. E. Roper: Tracking the Giant Squid: Mythology and Science Meet Beneath the Sea
Jerry McCormick-Ray: Preserving the Temperate Reef: The Case of the Eastern Oyster

Fall 1997 (Vol 20, #2) Discovery
Thomas Eisner: Tribute to a Mint Plant
May R. Berenbaum: The Fly that Changed the Course of Science
Miriam Rothschild: Discovering Details
Robert Michael Pyle: The Lepidoptera as a Vessel of Discovery

Spring 1997 (Vol 20, #1) Pollination
Stephen L. Buchmann: Native Bees: Carpenters, Architects, and Masons
Vince Tepedino: Wild Bees and Floral Jewels
Mark Deyrup: Learning the Language of Insects and Flowers
Gary Paul Nabhan: Homeworm’s Homeground: Conserving the Diversity of Interactions
Robert Michael Pyle: Burning Bridges

Fall 1996 (Vol 19, #2) Aquatic Biomonitoring
Dennis D. Murphy: On the Fate of our Forests
David Quammen: Living Water
Bernd Heinrich: Insect Architects: Caddisfly Larvae
Ann Haymond Zwinger: Under the Silver Ceiling
Sue Mauger: A Good Insect Stream
James R. Karr: Aquatic Invertebrates: Sentinels of Watershed Condition

Spring 1996 (Vol 19, #1) Stories
Natalie Angier: The Flea Files
Christine Davitt: The Water Bear
May Berenbaum: Entomophobe to Entomophile: A Metamorphosis
Bernd Heinrich: Flight into the Forest
Beth Norden: Cross-eyed Worms
Mary Troychak: A Look at Children’s Books and Magazines

Fall 1995 (Vol 18, #2) Memoirs of Conservationists
Edward O. Wilson: A Grassroots Jungle in Vacant Lot
Miriam Rothschild: Ages Five to Fifteen: Wildflowers, Butterflies, and Frogs
Thomas Eisner: The End of Superstition
Robert Michael Pyle: Butterflies in Winter

Spring 1995 (Vol 18, #1) Butterfly farming
Thomas Hanscom and William Toone: Economic Independence and Conservation in the Tropics
Thomas Hanscom: Papua New Guinea: A Butterfly Farming Success Story
William Toone: How a Bird Man Became a Butterfly Farmer in Costa Rica
Brent Davies: Field Notes from a Coast Rican Butterfly Farm

Spring 1994, (Vol 17, #3) Art and Literature Sorry, no hard copies available
Carol Kaesuk Yoon: Sculpted in Glass: A Marine Menagerie
Thomas Eisner: Master Engravers: Roesel and Lyonet
Miriam Rothschild: Vladimir Nabokov and the Small Gilded Fly
Thomas Eisner and Maria Eisner: Exploring Inner Space: The Art of SEM Photography

Summer 1993 (Vol 17, #2) Endangered Species – Sorry, no hard copies available
Thomas Eisner: Portrait Artists of the Wild: An Introduction
Susan Middleton and David Liittschwager: Images of Extinction
Michael J. Bean: Invertebrates and the Endangered Species Act
J. Hall Cushman and Dennis D. Murphy: Susceptibility of Lycaenid Butterflies to Endangerment

Winter 1992 (Vol 17, #1) Insects Sorry, no hard copies available
Thomas Eisner: The Master Chemists
William E. Conner and Melinda N. Conner: Moths That Go Click in the Night
Beth B. Norden: The Importance of Stinging Insects

Summer 1992 (Vol 16, #3) Madagascar Sorry, no hard copies available
Dennis D. Murphy: Invertebrates and the Conservation Challenge
Frans Lanting: Madagascar: A World Out of Time
Porter P. Lowry II: Conservation and Development in Madagascar
Claire Kremen: Butterflies as Ecological and Biological Indicators
Claire Kremen: Ny Fizahana Lolo Eto Madagasikara
George E. Schatz: The Race Between Deep Flowers and Long Tongues
Dennis D. Murphy and Paul Ehrlich: Protecting Biotic Diversity in the Tropics

Fall 1991 (Vol 16, #2) Ants
Thomas E. Lovejoy and Edward O. Wilson: An Introduction
Edward O. Wilson: Ants

Summer 1991, (Vol 16, #1) Beetle exhibit
David Furth: Beetlemania!

Winter 1991 (Vol 15, #3) Butterfly houses – Sorry, no hard copies available
Robert Michael Pyle: Housing Boom for Butterflies
Burke Day: Planting Seeds of Conservation
Thomas C. Emmel and Ronald Boender: Wings in Paradise: Florida’s Butterfly World

Summer 1990 (Vol 15, #2) PNW forests
Spencer S. Beebe: Ecosystem Conservation in the Temperate Rainforest
John D. Lattin: Arthropod Diversity in the Northwest Old-growth Forests
Andrew Moldenke: One Hundred Twenty Thousand Little Legs

Spring 1990 (Vol 15, #1) Butterflies Sorry, no hard copies available
Stuart B. Weiss and Dennis D. Murphy: Montane Butterfly Distribution and the Potential Impacts of Global Warming
Bernard S. Jackson: The Log Pile as a Shelter for Butterflies

Summer 1989 (Vol 14,#2)
Lincoln P. Brower and Stephen B. Malcolm: Endangered Phenomena

Spring 1989 (Vol 14,#1)
Dave Winter: Moths and the Garden at Night
Miriam Rothschild: What do Butterflies See?

Winter 1988 (Vol 13,#3)
Howard Ensign Evans: Providing Homes for Beneficial Bees and Wasps
Sue Hubbell: The Cicada’s Song
Ann B. Swengel: Discoveries in Southern Texas

Summer 1988 (Vol 13, #2) Sorry, no hard copies available
Michael H. Robinson: Weavers of Webs, Slayers of Insects: The Wondrous Ways of Spiders
John S. Edwards: Aeolian Communities: Mt. Saint Helens and Mauna Kea
Elizabeth Pennisi: Museum Focuses on Arthropods

Spring 1988 (Vol 13, #1)
Dennis D. Murphy: Ecology, Politics, and the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly
Mary Troychak: Xerces to Publish Butterfly Gardening Book

Winter 1987 (Vol 12, #3)
Edward O. Wilson: The Little Things that Run the World
Mary Troychak: National Zoo Adds Invertebrate Exhibit

Summer 1987 (Vol 12, #2)
Adrian Forsyth: Lomas Barbudal: Ecological Oasis and Island
Mary Troychak: Regrowing a Dry Tropical Forest

Spring 1987 (Vol 12, #1)
Ingrith Deyrup-Olsen: A View of Land Slugs: Soft Bodies in Hard World
Paul Opler: Invertebrate Surveys in North America are Necessary