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Thanks for Sticking with the Xerces Society

By Sierra Enright, Melissa Manuel, and Suzanne Granahan on 2. October 2023
Sierra Enright, Melissa Manuel, and Suzanne Granahan

Calling all loyal Xerces members! Stickers just for you, because we appreciate you! We had beautiful stickers designed just for our members, featuring some of our favorite invertebrates: a majestic monarch butterfly, a fuzzy long-horned bee, and an illuminated firefly.


Sticker sheets on table


If you would like a sticker set sent to you, please complete a sticker request form. You will need to include the U.S. mailing address where you would like the sticker sheet mailed to. We will be printing and mailing these based on demand, so they won't ship out immediately, but we will try to get them to you as soon as we can. Stickers are designed by J. Wirtheim Design and printed by Sticker Mule (which specializes in custom stickers!).

No strings attached! We send a sincere thank you from us working in membership!


Melissa joined Xerces in 2022 as the Donor Engagement Specialist, working with the Membership team. She is a "retired" young farmer with over a decade of expertise in urban farming, agroforestry, garden design and education. Before joining Xerces, she worked as a horticulturist at Leach Botanical Garden. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Portland State University and has worked with a number of environmental non-profit groups throughout her career.
Sierra joined the Xerces Society in 2021. Originally from Bainbridge Island, worked at a Montessori school in Portland before joining the Xerces community. As a child, Sierra spent a memorable morning watching bees warm up in the sun and fly away. She enjoys exploring nature, hiking, swimming, and biking.
Suzanne started working in the nonprofit sector in 2003 and has been with the Xerces Society since 2009. She is the main contact person for individual donors regarding their donations and planned giving. She came to the organization after completing her master's degree in public administration from Portland State University, where she focused on nonprofit development and grant writing.

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