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This Native Plant, Seed, and Services Directory (NPSSD) is a resource guide presented by The Xerces Society, Inc. as a service to the public and contains information provided by nurseries and similar suppliers of native plants.  Xerces is making this information available as part of our conservation efforts to restore and expand pollinator habitat and make meaningful long-term conservation of habitat a reality.  This directory contains only the information given to Xerces by the suppliers and listings should not be construed as an endorsement of any supplier or its products by Xerces.  Users of the directory must make their own assessments as to the suitability and/or quality of the products listed. 

Suppliers are responsible for periodically verifying the information provided and providing written corrections or updates to Xerces. Xerces does not rate, rank, review or independently confirm any information provided by a supplier.  All transactions with any supplier listed are solely between the supplier and the purchaser.  Xerces makes no express or implied warranty of any kind as to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information included in the NPSSD.  Xerces also disclaims any and all damages, costs and liabilities whatsoever (including but not limited to loss of business opportunity, loss of profit or loss of goodwill) related to information provided in the NPSSD, any errors or omissions it contains or any purchase made from a supplier listed in the directory.

Suppliers who would like to be added to this directory should contact Xerces at [email protected].  Xerces reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any listing from the NPSSD.

The NPSSD may not be downloaded or printed but may only be used to perform a search of suppliers that meet user-specified criteria. Copyright © 2021 The Xerces Society, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Native Plant, Seed and Services Directory

Native plants are the foundation of diverse habitats that support pollinators, beneficial insects and other wildlife. This searchable database will help you find businesses, organizations, and networks in Canada, the United States, and Mexico that supply native plants, native seeds and related services. Find local native plant nurseries, nearby plant stores, seed retailers, landscapers specializing in native gardens, and more using our filterable tool. 

Keep in mind that supplier information is self-reported and not verified or endorsed by Xerces. We update the database annually. Contact suppliers directly for more information about their offerings, including inventory questions. 


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