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The Xerces Society, Inc. is gathering this information as part of our conservation efforts to restore and expand pollinator habitat and make meaningful long-term conservation of habitat a reality. Completing this form and submitting it to Xerces is strictly voluntary and no compensation of any sort, financial or otherwise, will be given to you.  The information you provide on this form will be: (a) compiled with similar information gathered from other suppliers and made available to the general public through a link on the Xerces website to a Native Plant and Seed Directory (NPNSD); and/or (b) used by Xerces for educational and research purposes in furtherance of its mission. We are gathering information from diverse sources and neither this request for information nor the publication of the information you provide should be construed as an endorsement of your company or its products by Xerces. Supplier will not state, suggest or imply that Xerces has endorsed the Supplier or any of its products. Xerces will not rate, rank or otherwise review any company on the NPNSD. Xerces reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any listing from the NPNSD.  

No confidential information should be provided to Xerces on this form and by completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing that none of the information provided is confidential or proprietary.  You are also representing and warranting that you have the authorization to provide such information to Xerces for its use and publication and that none of the information provided by you on this form violates or infringes upon any rights of any third party.  Xerces makes no express or implied warranty of any kind as to the accuracy or completeness of any information included on the NPNSD.  Xerces also disclaims any and all damages, costs and liabilities whatsoever (including but not limited to loss of business opportunity, loss of profit or loss of goodwill) related to information provided in the NPNSD or any errors or omissions it contains.  You are responsible for periodically verifying the information for your company on the NPNSD and providing written corrections or updates to Xerces at [email protected].   Listings that are not updated or verified for more than two years may be removed from the directory. You may request that your information be removed at any time by contacting [email protected].  Please allow at least ten (10) business days for the correction, update or removal of information.


Native Plant, Seed and Services Directory

The Native Plant, Seed, and Services Directory is a searchable database tool to find suppliers of native plants, native seeds and related services. This includes businesses, organizations, and networks in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

To use the database tool, choose from the dropdown filters to refine your search. A short summary of each vendor is displayed in the results. Click on a vendor's name to automatically open a new tab with more details. Use the search box to find vendors by name. This tool does not supply information about a supplier's inventory. We recommend contacting suppliers directly for this information.

Looking for where you can get plants or seeds of native milkweed species to support monarch butterflies and other pollinators? Xerces’ Milkweed Finder tool.

Native plants are the foundation of diverse habitats that support pollinators, beneficial insects and other wildlife, including birds. Because native plants species vary by location, regional or local suppliers and their expertise are valuable sources of plants, seeds, services, and information. This directory is intended to help those looking for native plants, seeds, or related services to find suppliers in their area.

The Native Plant, Seed, and Services Directory is unique in that it is updated annually, so that the information is accurate and current. Another notable feature is the degree of detail available about each supplier. This information is self-reported from each supplier and not verified by Xerces.

For questions or feedback, contact us at [email protected]

If you're interested in being listed, please click here to submit an interest form for your business, organization, or network.


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