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Partnership Opportunities for Businesses

On either side of a bright yellow sunflower is a bumble bee and a bright yellow swallowtail butterfly.
(Photo: Preston Keres / Flickr Creative Commons)

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Xerces to protect the life that sustains us! 

We value the role that businesses of all sizes can play in helping us realize our mission and goals. By becoming a business partner, your company can express support for invertebrates and the ecological roles they provide—and let your customers know that you’re stepping up to protect these animals. Below is an explanation of some of the ways we typically work with businesses.

After reviewing this information, please contact us with your partnership idea through our Corporate Support Inquiry Form or by email, at [email protected].


Proud Supporters

All donations from our Proud Supporters fund our mission broadly and are immensely valuable to our ability to grow, adapt, and explore new projects. Without donors like this, our work would not be possible. 

There are a couple approaches to being a Proud Supporter; those who give what they can, when they can, and those that have a level of support in mind. For those who have a level of support in mind, depending on the contribution you’re able to make, we work with you to create a mutually beneficial partnership. Please contact us to learn more about these giving levels.

Giving levels: There is no minimum giving level to be a proud supporter. Every cent helps! 



Show your support through sponsoring one of the Xerces Society’s specific programs to directly support our on-the-ground conservation work. We are happy to discuss our work in detail with you to see which speaks most directly to the mission of your business. 

Giving levels: The minimum giving level for our sponsors is $5,000— setting this threshold helps us keep administrative costs down and ensures more of our money goes where it should—towards protecting the life that sustains us. 

Here are some examples of the types of activities your donation can support!

For $5,000 or more, your business can sponsor our following core programs:

For $10,000 or more, your business can sponsor:

  • Monarch and Pollinator habitat kits to create critical, interconnected, climate-smart habitat in regions where pollinators are most threatened by climate change.
  • A pollinator habitat project in one of our regions with staff capacity.

For $15,000 or more, your business can:

  • Fund our new “X Kids” program to engage younger generations in meaningful conservation and further the mission of the Xerces Society.
  • Provide the support we need to conserve the magic of fireflies through our Firefly Atlas Project.

For $50,000 or more, your business can:

  • Our Save the Bees Campaign or Wild Bees Initiative to work with researchers to determine which species are most in need of protection and develop species-specific conservation guidance for key stakeholders.
  • Support our Bumble Bee Watch and Regional Bumble Bee Atlas Projects: These projects engage thousands of volunteer community scientists in collecting critical information on bumble bee distribution, host plants, and their surrounding habitat.
  • Fund the expansion of our reach through our Xerces Volunteer Ambassadors Program.

For $100,000 or more (with at least a two-year commitment), your business can:

  • Increase our capacity to make real conservation gains possible through supporting a new conservation staff member.


Commercial Co-Ventures

This type of partnership allows your business to express support through language like, “10% of your purchase will benefit the Xerces Society” or “a portion of proceeds are donated to Xerces.” These activities are sometimes called “commercial co-ventures,” and additional limitations and considerations come into play. 

Giving Levels: Due to the added considerations involved, please contact the business giving team at [email protected] for more information.


Support a Matching Donation Program

We have a few times a year where a business can support a campaign, double the impact of our individual givers, and be featured in on our social media channels throughout the campaign.

Giving level: $5,000 and above.


Employee Giving Campaign

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift policy to double your impact on our efforts to protect invertebrates! Many employers organize employee-giving campaigns that allow employees to make one time or periodic donations to select charities through payroll deductions. Encourage your employer to participate in such a campaign and see if Xerces is a possible recipient. Learn more about these programs here

Giving levels: There is no minimum contribution required to be eligible for an employee giving campaign.


Please allow some time to formalize a partnership. It may take 1 week to 3 months to finalize.