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The Xerces Society is a science-based conservation organization that promotes pollinator health, endangered species conservation, and pesticide-free habitat.

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Celebrating Xerces Members

Member Spotlight

Members of the Xerces Society not only provide financial support, but also lend their unique personalities, interests, and efforts to our community, and to the cause of invertebrate conservation. From cultivating home pollinator gardens, to giving talks in their communities, to sharing their enthusiasm for invertebrates through photography, to simply being the wonderful people they are, they⁠—you⁠—are making a difference!

Alley Yerger of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a Xerces member working to engage her local community in pollinator protection. Having earned a master’s in Environmental Planning as well as a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from ASU, Alley has an extensive background in ecological landscape design and horticulture.

This past spring, Alley worked with the nonprofit Scottsdale Leadership to revitalize Pride Park, a neighborhood pocket park.

In a collaborative effort, Keep Scottsdale Beautiful pitched in to help design and install the park upgrades, with pollinator habitat as a front and central theme. 

Pride Park offers a welcoming and peaceful setting for the community to congregate, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors. The Scottsdale Leadership team aims to enhance the quality of life for neighborhood residents while attracting pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. 

Local artist Laura Thurbon was recruited to add a pollinator-themed mural that communicates to visitors right away that they are visiting a pollinator sanctuary. As visitors meander the park, they will find nesting houses for mason bees and designated “Pollinator Palaces” full of plants for native bees and butterflies. These features are marked with pollinator habitat signs in both English and Spanish donated by the Xerces Society.

“Sustainability is very dear to my heart, so being able to share my knowledge while working on this project was a big win,” says Yerger. “The biggest takeaway I hope people can understand is that, without pollinators, we probably wouldn’t survive. We need to not just celebrate these incredibly contributing species, we need to protect and provide for them as well.” Yerger hopes that Pride Park will offer safe habitat, nesting, and food resources for pollinators, while inspiring and educating those who visit.

Together, these community members have succeeded in creating an urban oasis that will be an asset for the neighborhood and all of its inhabitants for years to come. The beautiful new design boasts six new trees and over 60 new pollinator-friendly plants suited for the desert landscape. Some of these plants include desert milkweed (Asclepias subulata), prickly pear (Opuntia spp.), desert marigold (Baileya multiradiata), and scarlet sage (Salvia coccinea).


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