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Business Partnerships

On either side of a bright yellow sunflower is a bumble bee and a bright yellow swallowtail butterfly.
(Photo: Preston Keres / Flickr Creative Commons)

Working with the Xerces Society

Align your business with an international leader in invertebrate conservation that reaches over a billion people per year.

When you partner with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, you are supporting the life that sustains us all. Our business partners share our commitment to protecting biodiversity in all its forms including supporting our ongoing work, building habitat at facilities, offices, and within supply chains, and becoming Bee Better Certified. Through all of these partnership styles, the Xerces Society makes real conservation gains possible and can help you tell the story of our collective impact. Below is an overview of how we can work together.


Become a Corporate Supporter of Xerces

Show your support for invertebrate conservation by becoming one of our corporate supporters. Our current partners represent a variety of market segments and business sizes. As you engage deeper with our mission, we can offer expanded opportunities to highlight your support. In addition to financial contributions, our corporate partners can help us convey our message of wildlife conservation to a much broader audience.

Learn more about our corporate partnership styles here.  If you have questions that aren’t answered or are ready to start a conversation, please complete our inquiry form or contact us at [email protected].


Collaborate to Build Habitat

The Xerces Society works with private sector partners to plan, install, and develop maintenance plans for pollinator habitat sites. These sites provide a variety of conservation benefits beyond pollinator habitat, including carbon sequestration, soil health and water-holding capacity, and natural pest suppression. 

Demonstration Sites:

Habitat demonstration projects are built on farms, at facilities, next to office buildings, or anywhere really; to showcase how native flowering plants, protected from pesticides benefit pollinators and other invertebrates. They are one of the Xerces Society’s most powerful tools for motivating people to create habitat of their own—making the demonstration site far more valuable than the impact of the site itself. The project costs vary depending on site-specific conditions, and with additional information, we can provide a detailed estimate upon request. Please contact us for more details.

Improve the Sustainability of your Supply Chain:

Xerces has partnered with food companies to create 1,939 acres of pollinator habitat and plant over 6.5 miles of hedgerows to support pollinators and add resilient biodiversity back into agricultural landscapes. Your suppliers and the ingredients or raw materials they produce provide an incredible opportunity to help incentivize pollinator conservation at a large scale. We work with leading brands to help them collaboratively work with suppliers to restore habitat such as flowering hedgerows or wildflower field borders on farms and processing facilities. 


Creating a Better Food System with Bee Better Certified™

To take pollinator protection on farmland one step further, in 2017, we launched Bee Better Certified™, the first pollinator-focused farm and food product eco-label. Backed by a robust set of habitat and pesticide risk-reduction criteria, Bee Better Certified is independently verified by a third-party certifying agency. The distinctive Bee Better Certified seal now appears on food products nationwide, in retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Trader Joes, Kroger’s, and more; reflecting evidence from recent studies that consumers strongly support brands focused on conserving bees and biodiversity. For more information go to


Using the Xerces Society’s Educational Resources

Our state and regional technical guides, including plant lists for supporting pollinators and beneficial insects, habitat assessment guides, and habitat creation instructional manuals and forms are great resources to help you build pollinator habitat on your own. We are available to direct you to all the best resources and answer questions you may have along the way. 

Learn more here about our habitat partnerships.


Other Ways to Connect

Interested in engaging the Xerces Society as a consultant? Click here to learn more about the services we provide and how our expertise can assist your operation.

We appreciate being included in you business’ matching gifts programs, for information about matching gifts and workplace giving, please click here.

Have an idea that is not covered here? For any other inquiries about how Xerces can support your company’s pollinator conservation goals, please contact Eric Lee-Mäder or Denise Ledgerwood.