Milkweeds and Monarchs in the Western U.S.

Monarchs and Milkweeds in the Western U.S. cover imageBy Candace Fallon, Brianna Borders, Eric Lee-Mäder, and Scott Hoffman Black

This guide is an introduction to milkweeds and monarchs in the western U.S., from basic biology to the importance of these species in the landscape and the threats they currently face. Milkweeds and Monarchs in the Western U.S. outlines how land managers can join existing efforts to help western monarchs by identifying and reporting milkweed stands and monarch breeding occurrences on their lands.

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Program Features
Program Highlights
  • • The Xerces Society has awarded two $3,750 Joan M. DeWind awards for research into lepidoptera conservation
  • Butterfly-a-thon pledges raise $30 per species that Bob Pyle observes for butterfly conservation work
Additional Information
monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) on milkweed (Asclepias sp.) by Doug Tallamy


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