Pollinator Protection Pledge

Over two thousand people have already signed the pledge to protect pollinators. Will you join them?

If you register a garden or landscape in the United States, it will also become a part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.

Scroll to sign using our online form, or download the Bring Back the Pollinators Protection Pledge Card.

The pollinator protection pledge is part of the Xerces Society's Bring Back the Pollinators campaign. This campaign is based on four simple principles: grow pollinator-friendly flowers, provide nest sites, avoid pesticides, and spread the word.

You can join this campaign. With these core values, pollinator conservation can be adapted to any location, whether you tend an urban community garden or a suburban yard, work in a city park or on a farm.

it will be added to the count for the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, an initiative of the National Pollinator Garden Network.

We make the commitment to you that we will work every day to protect pollinators and their habitat. Will you make a similar commitment to the pollinators?

To Bring Back the Pollinators, I will:

1. Grow a variety of bee-friendly flowers that bloom from spring through fall.
2. Protect and provide bee nests and caterpillar host plants.
3. Avoid using pesticides, especially insecticides.
4. Talk to my neighbors about the importance of pollinators and their habitat.

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long horned bee (Melissodes sp.) on sunflower by Mace Vaughan. Sign in sunflowers by Celeste Ets-Hokin. Pollinator garden by Eric Mader.