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under the Endangered Species Act and to Concurrently Designate Critical Habitat

The Xerces Society and our conservation partners at the Center for Biological Diversity have submitted a joint petition for the emergency listing of the Bethany Beach firefly (Photuris bethaniensis)—with a request for the concurrent designation of critical habitat—under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Bethany Beach firefly is a rare and declining bioluminescent beetle currently known only to inhabit a narrow swath of coastal habitat along the Atlantic shore of Delaware—some of which is already undergoing development. It is the state’s sole recognized endemic species (occurring only within that state), and is already listed as a state endangered species. However, no concrete regulations currently exist to protect the Bethany Beach firefly and its habitat. An emergency ESA listing would protect this species from imminent extinction by addressing current threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation.

Please view our press release on the topic here, and our blog on the topic here.

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